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[So Jeane is inside somewhere, like a sensible human being, staring down these little annoying talking berries.]

[Said berries are also (if they had eyes) staring down Jeane]


You know-

One crack about you know what and you will be an ex-horrible tradition.

What does that mean?

It means you will die horribly.

Oh pffft, what's the worst that could happen.

I'll throw you into the sun.

... You can't do that.

Try me.

....So how's your br-

[the video cuts off momentarily and then cuts back on... there is now a hole in the ceiling where the mistletoe once were and V-mon flipping out because HOW THE HELL]

I did warn you.
[Attachment: Wrestling DVD case...with a piece of paper that says "Your mom's a whore" inside and nothing else]

[Audio- Obsessive Jeane is Obsessive]

It's been a week.

A week?

Since I got here and that otaku dumb-ass hasn't said anything, but I know he's here. People told me he was here.

You could always ask, you don't seem like the waiting type.

I'm a penultimate boss, I can wait forever, I'm just bored!

So be direct and ask people where he is.\

Shut up. Fine. Christ. [grumble...possibly at V-mon]

Alright listen up you little internet monsters and whatever people are around. I have been told that Travis Touchdown is here, and if you don't know who he is: He looks like Johnny Knoxville and a geek smashed together!
And what I want to know is where in the world he is, so I ask the tiny little favor that someone, maybe, could possibly, tell me where the man is? Anybody be kind enough to let me know?


Damn these buttons are for old school texting, fuck that.
So let's see, yadda yadda yadda digital world, bunch of "teenagers" with attitude, forces of evil and good fighting. I really did tumble into a shitty saturday morning cartoon land didn't I?

It gets a bit better when you get used to it.

Right, like I want to get used to here. I rather be back in my world and in the sequel as a fucking cyborg or something, but no let's revive DESTROYMAN and LETZ SHAKE.

That...wait what?

Nothing, whatever. So what the hell does a girl have to do to get the 101 around here, besides the stupid plot that drives the world I mean. I'm over in I don't care land about that, so the sooner I get info or name drops I'll be out doing who the hell cares what.

Wow you seem to accept this stuff pretty well considering you're so new.

That's because I used to live in a world where ghetto-lightsabers are sold on E-bay, I kinda' don't think anything crazier than what Suda will throw up will come near me.

...Suda wha- huh? You know what I'm just...not going to ask.

Smart lizard.