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Damn these buttons are for old school texting, fuck that.
So let's see, yadda yadda yadda digital world, bunch of "teenagers" with attitude, forces of evil and good fighting. I really did tumble into a shitty saturday morning cartoon land didn't I?

It gets a bit better when you get used to it.

Right, like I want to get used to here. I rather be back in my world and in the sequel as a fucking cyborg or something, but no let's revive DESTROYMAN and LETZ SHAKE.

That...wait what?

Nothing, whatever. So what the hell does a girl have to do to get the 101 around here, besides the stupid plot that drives the world I mean. I'm over in I don't care land about that, so the sooner I get info or name drops I'll be out doing who the hell cares what.

Wow you seem to accept this stuff pretty well considering you're so new.

That's because I used to live in a world where ghetto-lightsabers are sold on E-bay, I kinda' don't think anything crazier than what Suda will throw up will come near me.

...Suda wha- huh? You know what I'm just...not going to ask.

Smart lizard.
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